About Us

Suntex Designs has a thorough understanding of the home textile market.
Creating fresh home products for our customers and delivering efficiently
and reliably is the primary philosphy that guides Suntex Designs.

Our Story

Suntex Designs Inc, is a home textile company with its
corporate headquarters based in Southern California.
The company is part of a successful $80M annual revenue
group that sells consumer products throughout the
world. Suntex Designs handles all aspects of customer
fulfillment from product development through delivery.
The company maintains its own in-house product design
team, sources materials worldwide from preferred
vendors, and oversees all manufacturing at its approved
and company owned factories. The supply chain process
is coordinated from our corporate headquarters.

What We Do

The Design, Merchandising, Sales, and Marketing
teams at Suntex Designs come to the table with many
years of knowledge in the home fashion industry.
This collection of talent has been responsible for the
success of a multitude of consumer products sold as
nationally recognized brands. Experience in all channels
of distribution and varied categories of home textiles
are represented among this dynamic group of
creative staff members.

How we do it

Our products are distributed under licensed, in-house,
and private label brands. Our owned factory is based
in Shanghai, China however product is sourced
throughout the world to meet the design needs of
its customers. Observing globally responsible social
practices is important to Suntex within all facets
of the company.